Friday Fill-Ins

Because everyone was busy watching the Royal Wedding last Friday, I forgot to do last week’s FFI. So again, her’s mine posted late.




1. I love to scrap – but unfortunately, scrapping mojo is nowhere to be found right now. MIA.
2. Be proud of yourself and a smile.
3. It's how you deal with things professionally that makes us all unique.
4. If it’s about Math, don't tell me!
5. Well, would you believe that I’ve graduated with a computer course and I don’t even own a computer?
6. Excited much for the spring peepers.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight (Tuesday) I'm looking forward to hearing a good news from Hubby re the Julie and Julia’s bedroom set delivery, tomorrow (Wednesday) my plans include taking out some summer clothes from the luggage and Sunday (I’ll make it Thursday), I want to go out and have a walk somewhere safe, Insha Allah!

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