Wednesday Happy Thoughts



1. A friend gave birth to a lovely healthy baby girl. Congratulations Mommy Jacq.

2. Hubby prepared the lunch for today. Fried fish.

3. I have my me time alone for an 2 hours. Wasn’t feeling very well since last night. I have a Ninja black belter baby inside me that I only slept for 4 hours last night. Hubby took the big sister along with him in SIL’s house to play with her cousins.

4. Is looking forward for a good cook tomorrow. I’m preparing a Filipino dish “Beef Kaldereta”. It’ll be my first so I hope Hubby will liked it.

5. Coach sales in the US. I’m waiting for a good news from a friend to look over some good stuffs for me.

6. I had my braces checked yesterday. My current rubber braces are violet. Hehehe!

7. Looking forward to see lots of good updates with HSH.

8. I’m loving my social network life over Twitter because of lovely mommies and a best-friend to talked with every day.

9. 10 more weeks. I can’t wait to pop out.

10. And finally, we’re all praying for a good news ahead regarding something that I can’t reveal right now. Oh God Allah, let this be it. If not, then your will be done.

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