Fun Free Downloads

I recently found some useful tools free for downloads. It’s an Open source software that are really useful for us computer geeks. I referred the links to my hubby and he’s curious with all of them.


Blender Tutorials
Have you tried creating images in 3D animations? Well, here’s another way to experience cool stuff with the in right now. 3D graphics application. If you’re an architect or a visual artist, I think you should look into this.


Multimedia Players

Music is the main thing of it all. For video lovers as well, here’s one jam pack software that can be used. With more that 90 languages and all types of video formats, what else can you ask for?


Peer-to-Peer File Sharing

Most of you knows Limewire I believe. It’s almost the same features of Cabos, since it’s a peer-to-peer sharing capabilities. They recently made an update for this. They increased the bitrate so the effect of it makes the uploads even faster.



Who doesn’t have an e-book? Most of these days, if the hard bound is not available, we shift to soft bound – the “e” way style. Meaning, the “electronic” style of reading. This open software is designed to organized your virtual library.


And lastly, Desktop TD

A fun filled game software where you can find strategic and puzzled games all in a flash based.


So what are we all waiting for? The fun is here. Good thing that there are these open source software where we can get free stuff easily.

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