Friday Fill-Ins



Oh my. I’m so late with this week’s FFI. Was too tired to blog lately. So here goes. Better late than never.

1. I can't believe I’m on my last stretch of pregnancy. 1st trimester was really unbearable for me. I thank first of all my husband for being supportive with all my demands (yeah, if you’re pregnant – you have all the excuses in the world, hahaha!)
2. Showering baby dust for everyone especially for some friends of ours over Twitter who has been praying to have their own bundle of joy.
3. How can I stop thinking of Tangled the animated movie?
4. Beef with Coconut milk aka “Beef Adobong Gata” was the last thing I cooked.
5. Six of one – this was the score when BIL and Hubby played the FIFA-I-don’t-know-what-it-is-game over the laptop a while ago before sleeping. Let’s bring out the soccer trophies, shall we?
6. momomo; nonono!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to (assuming that today is Sunday since today is really Sunday) packing up winter clothes back in the luggage and get all the summer clothes out , tomorrow my plans include a trip again back and forth to Beirut and Sunday (again, let’s assume that this is for Tuesday then), I plan to sleep – I’m sure I’ll be tired from the trip the previous day.

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