Wednesday Happy Thoughts



It’s Wednesday night and it’s raining since this morning. I can’t keep up with this weather. MIL said that the change of weather was because of the spring season. I can’t wait for summer. I miss the sun.


And so to sum up for this week’s Wednesday Happy Thoughts:

1. I was able to prepare Chicken Afritada for the first time. My in-laws love any food with tomato sauce so they all liked it.

2. Hubby bought a new set of kiddie CD’s for Julia. One of them are episodes from Elmo’s World of Sesame Street. So Julia’s attention are into it.

3. We found out that Julia can count in Spanish – imagine that?

4. SIL will be coming over to Dubai to surprise her husband who just left recently for work. Her kids will be on a holiday for 4 days so they decided to visit him. He just left the other day. SIL and the kids will be following him supposedly once the school year end for her little girl by May. And at the same time, her husband will be fixing their Family visa too. But because of the holiday, she’ll be coming over there. She mentioned that her last ride on the plane was last 1985 – a flight from Jeddah to Syria. And now, she’ a little bit scared of the experience that awaits her. I’m so happy for her and her family. She deserves a good fun since she only stay in the house most of the times.

5. HSH is being painted as per hubby. But the final coating will be done on the last part before we moved in

6. I uploaded the 4D-US videos of baby Julie over my Flickr account – finally.

7. I was able to do my 36th layout for this year. Yahoo! Digital scrapbooking mojo is here.

8. The feeling is so nice especially if you helped a friend who needs a big decision making in her life.

9. Oh by the way, I’m almost 26 weeks. Yahoo, yahoo!


10. I can’t wait to set up a new blog.


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