As far as intentions go, do you think that you are often misunderstood?

Yeah I think so. Some people think that I’m snobbish. Some say that I don’t deserve some of the good things that’s happening to me right now. But I don’t care a thing about what other people say about me. Everyone is entitled for his/her opinion. In the end, most of the times they are the one who’s misunderstood. I myself misunderstood a lot of people. I guess, it’s normal especially if you’re not that close to that person. You’ll never know a person’s identity unless you’ve spoken to him a million times and is with him/her for a long time.


I only know one thing though, Allah God is my witness. And I don’t need to explain myself to everyone. Not unless he/she’s a judge, hahaha!


That’s for this’ week’s “That’s My Answer”.

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