Home Is Where The Heart Is

It’s been 2 months now since we arrived here in Syria. My life is adjusting just the way it should be. And I’m happy that everything is in placed. I consider Syria as my 2nd home – and home is where my heart should be. I miss Philippines though, but the country doesn’t matter for as long as I’m with my husband and my baby.


Well, 2 months of looking over the house we’re currently building is such a big task for hubby right now. FIL left last month and he handed over all the pending construction jobs needed to finish one of our major projects. I’m so proud that hubby’s doing well with the pressure. He make sure to drop by and look over things everyday. We’re really looking forward to move-in in a couple of weeks. Thank God Allah for the blessings and the continuous support for our daily needs even though we’re both jobless right now. God has his own reasons and we have faith that in time, we’ll start all over again.

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