Nose Scrubs

I was sitting the other day watching TV with MIL when we saw these advertisement about a beauty product for anti-aging. I told my MIL that I used to buy these products for my mother who was a vain for such anti-aging products. She told me that she used it before as well but nothing happened. She still has wrinkles on her forehead and near her eyes. She showed me then a scrubbing lotion which she hasn’t used for months. She told me that there are small beads inside the lotion. She thought it’s expired or something. I read the lotion and giggled. It was a face scrub. I told her what the scrub will do for her face. She liked the idea of it and felt sorry for not using it before.



Well, I used to have a blackhead removal before back home. I used this with a special cream on my face. I wish I can find one soon. I can use it to help my MIL. Both of us can have a bonding-vain time for each other.

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