Blu-Ray DVD Player

I have a friend who has tons of blu-ray DVDs. I even asked her what’s the difference with having a regular DVD. Have I told you that I’m a Twilight fanatic? I currently have 2 DVDs of the Twilight Saga and unfortunately, Eclipse (the 3rd part) is not yet available when we were in the Philippines – or probably I just didn’t search too well to look for one. Laziness prevails. Well, I was uploading photos over flickr for the whole day and I uploaded some photos for our house project which is still on going. I suddenly remember, since we have a not-that-flat-screen TV, why not get a blu-ray DVD player? And so the search is on. I prefer to get Samsung brand. The brand of our TV is not that famous, but Masha’Allah it’s still in good condition and with HDMI support so Hubby doesn’t have plans to buy a new one – for now. I’m crossing my fingers for everything to be in place.

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