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On Mother’s Day

When exactly is the Mother’s Day? This question came into my head while I was browsing over Facebook and landed over Proflowers Facebook Page. They have these exquisite designs for all occasions. One of them are flower arrangements for Mother’s day. As far as my knowledge is concern, in the Philippines they celebrate Mother’s day on the month of May. But I remember that last 2007, when I was still working in Qatar, my Arab colleagues (including my husband) greet their mothers on the month of March. That’s why I was left curious for it. Thank God for the internet, I found out that Mother’s day are being celebrated on various days in many parts of the world commonly in March, April and May.


Anyway, what’s your idea for this flower arrangement? A 20 Assorted Tulips. Lovely colors!



Or how about these Two Dozens of Assorted Mother’s Day Roses?



I will tell my husband that we need to prepare something for MIL this coming March. My Mom has to wait till May for now. But hey, everyday is Mother’s day for us.

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A New Car

Not for me, for a friend who’s living abroad. The current car they are using has so may problems with the engine that fixing it for every week just to have it run is very costly for them. So they decided to buy a second hand car that they can use for a longer time, in that case they can also sell it in a good condition if they want to leave for good the country where they are right now. They also applied for a cheap auto insurance. Congratulations dear friend! Drive safely.

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Friday Fill-Ins 2011-8


I’m not late for this week. Yahoo yahoo!

1. Ooooh, I was so happy to finally see good and fast updates for HSH yesterday.
2. The political issues going on in Libya: I can't stand it!
3. How the heck did I end up with so many body lotions on my dresser?
4. Any shopping mall within the vicinity is one of my favorite places to visit.
5. I'm not a perfect person, I'm not! (HAHAHA!)
6. Any food in the table prepared by our mothers, expect that it has to be good.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to a bonding time with my family as usual – it’s Friday, tomorrow my plans include boxing up some clothes which doesn’t fit Julia now and Sunday, I want to check out some plans with hubby for our next trip back to Lebanon!


Have a TGIF everyone.

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Wednesday Happy Thoughts



It’s been a while since my last Wednesday happy thoughts. I’ve been wanting to do this since last week, but it always slips off my mind. So here’s mine for this week:

1. Julia’s feeling much better somehow. She still have a cold but not that much unlike last week.

2. I was able to scrap. It’s my 32nd scrap and my 8th layout for this year 2011. I wish I can always cope up.

3. Can’t wait for tomorrow. We’ll visit HSH. I’ll share some photos over my flickr – don’t cha worry.

4. An angel of mine was able to transfer my blogs from that to that. I’m so blessed to have an online friend like her.

5. I’m on my 23rd week with baby Julie. And so far, I’m doing well. Less cravings and less mood swings too.

6. I’m happy to be where I am right now. There’s no place like home.

7. There are other things to think about, but I’m taking it one by one.

8. Our dear Angel took a bath this morning – Hubby brought her to the car wash, yehey!

9. It’s a sunny day today, yehey! Enough of the rains please.

and lastly 10. I’m in-love again with my husband. Why? because I was browsing some old photos of us last night before sleeping. I’ll share some old photos of us on my other blog soon.


To know how this started and credits of the image, click here.

There's no Real Appreciation for a Good Person in the Presence,

until that Person is at a Distance.

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Eating Disorders

Yesterday was not a good day for me. I woke up with a bad cramps on both of my legs. Probably because of the long walk that we had the other day when we went out with my MIL and BIL for a quick road trip on top of the mountain to see the snow. And for that, I was not in the mood to eat full at lunch time. I need to gain weight since I’m eating for 2 persons, but my mood was not coordinating with my body. If there’s such thing as best weight loss supplements, do you think there’s something to boost up gaining weight?

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Side Effects

We talked to FIL over Skype last night and he mentioned that he losses 5kgs for only 8 days. We were all so happy for him. Now MIL is in a hurry to have her diet too. FIL said that he reduced eating carbohydrates such as potatoes and rice and is not eating dinner. “Having an apple or any fruit at night will do…” he says.

I was wondering if there are side effects of phentermine since I know that most people who are under going diet to treat obesity are using this medicine. Oh don’t get me wrong, my PIL are not obese or something, they both just want to be healthy especially at their age. Living a healthy way is a priority for them.

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Weekend Q&A

Saw these new meme for Sunday. It’s called “That’s My Answer”. I grabbed the question and decided to answer it – for a change.

Candles: Do you burn them or do you dust them?

Well, this is a hard question to answer. I used to buy scented candles. I love the aroma scent. Chocolates and vanilla are my favorites. But the regular candles that’s given for example in a baptismal party, I keep them for memories in a box.

Now it’s time again to read on lipozene reviews for this week. Need to get up and running for online works too. Thank God Alhamdulillah for the blessings.

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Nose Scrubs

I was sitting the other day watching TV with MIL when we saw these advertisement about a beauty product for anti-aging. I told my MIL that I used to buy these products for my mother who was a vain for such anti-aging products. She told me that she used it before as well but nothing happened. She still has wrinkles on her forehead and near her eyes. She showed me then a scrubbing lotion which she hasn’t used for months. She told me that there are small beads inside the lotion. She thought it’s expired or something. I read the lotion and giggled. It was a face scrub. I told her what the scrub will do for her face. She liked the idea of it and felt sorry for not using it before.



Well, I used to have a blackhead removal before back home. I used this with a special cream on my face. I wish I can find one soon. I can use it to help my MIL. Both of us can have a bonding-vain time for each other.

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Enjoying Her Trip

A friend of mine is enjoying her 2 weeks stay right now in Japan with her loving fiancĂ©. And what does it has to do with me? Well, I’m happy for her and at the same time I’m enjoying looking her photos on her trip. I noticed one thing though that she’s gaining weight. Oh-oh! I’m pretty sure that she’ll be looking for the fastest way to loss weight. I’ll be sending her some reviews on nuphedragen. It might give her some ideas. But for now, I told her to just enjoy and eat as much as she can.

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Friday Fill-Ins 2011-7


And I don’t want to be for this week’s FF. So here’s mine.

1. New experiences and possibilities are part of our lives in this world. Face it! You’ll never know where luck is.
2. An unexpected turn on a daily walk might end you up meeting your prince charming (feeling in-love, LOL!)
3. I'm looking forward to a lovely weekend with Hubby, MIL and baby J.
4. Marrying a foreigner was out of my plans and never have imagined that I’ll be one of those luckiest girl next door.
5. Try to find your inner peace through a prayer.
6. Being small but terrible is what's extraordinary about me *yeah I know it sounds crazy LOL!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to just be with my family like usual, tomorrow my plans include looking over some new recipe and Sunday, I want to watch a movie with Hubby!

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Friday Fill-Ins 2011-06



I missed last week’s FF so I’m just doing it now.

And...here we go!

1. Family is the most important thing of all. We should all treasure our family because they are the ones who will always be there for us.
2. Life is an ups and downs.
3. Trust God Allah above all things.
4. Pray always for the best – but don’t always expect it.
5. Parents are irreplaceable.
6. Be careful with your actions and choice of words – you’ll never get back what was said and done.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to hubby’s good news after fixing some important papers, tomorrow my plans include a QT time with Hubby – it’s Valentines day tomorrow, and Sunday, I want to which is today, I just went to the dentist.

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A New Desire

My SIL is looking for a new phone. She wanted a phone with the following features:


  • Multimedia
  • Memory
  • Bluetooth
  • Good Camera
  • Touchscreen
  • Email and GPRS Features

Not considering Bluetooth, I suggested her to buy one of the in demand touchscreen in the market right now. But it’s currently not open here in Syria. So she wanted to get an HTC then. Reading htc desire reviews will help to get more features of the phone she wants. In the end she will not regret buying it.

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Cook and Bake



Check out these colorful kitchen ware branded by le creuset. Oh how I wish I can cook and bake. Well, it’s just a matter of time and finally I can set up my own kitchen. I’m looking forward to bake for my family-in-laws since they love to eat sweets. I’ll be focusing first for desserts then little by little on main course. I already know a few meals but I would like to have my knowledge equal so that I can serve delicious foods for our guests. Thank God Allah always for the blessings.

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New Eyeglasses

BIL came home with a set of new frame for his eyeglasses. The previous one that he was using got broken when he accidentally sat on it. Good thing that it didn’t broke the lens itself. He was in search last month for some cheap eyeglasses over the stores here, but MIL was insisted to just use one of her vintage frame eyeglasses. MIL was using these for like 2 years ago, but she had to change it since it doesn’t suit her style anymore. So BIL agreed then to reuse this frame, and the outcome? It looks perfect on him. Wish I could take a photo for him, but he’s a shy type person who refused to be on cam. LOL! Ok, respect his decisions guys. Mabrouk meaning Congrats to your new eyeglass Bro!
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New Blog Theme

I’m so happy that finally I can change the fonts easily on my blog without tweaking the codes. However, in a few months from now, I’ll be shifting to a new dashboard so I’m not sure if I’ll still be able to tweak the fonts easily. I’m back to my favorite theme. I was using the Whiteness theme previously with my main blog here, but since I find it easy again, I went back again to it – and I’m loving it once more.

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Love Month

Love Month

It’s the 2nd day of the love month. And I’m sure that most of the girls out there are all so excited to see what their partners has for them this year around. Will it be a simple cake and a cookie? A dinner date? A dress to wear for a romantic dinner? A box of chocolates for those who are out of budget (hahaha!)? or simply to be just together under the moon light, lying in the garden grass and looking up in the sky counting sheep, I mean counting stars. Awww…. now that’s sweet. There’s a lot more in store for you guys for a simple valentine days ideas, you just have to be resourceful though.

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Blu-Ray DVD Player

I have a friend who has tons of blu-ray DVDs. I even asked her what’s the difference with having a regular DVD. Have I told you that I’m a Twilight fanatic? I currently have 2 DVDs of the Twilight Saga and unfortunately, Eclipse (the 3rd part) is not yet available when we were in the Philippines – or probably I just didn’t search too well to look for one. Laziness prevails. Well, I was uploading photos over flickr for the whole day and I uploaded some photos for our house project which is still on going. I suddenly remember, since we have a not-that-flat-screen TV, why not get a blu-ray DVD player? And so the search is on. I prefer to get Samsung brand. The brand of our TV is not that famous, but Masha’Allah it’s still in good condition and with HDMI support so Hubby doesn’t have plans to buy a new one – for now. I’m crossing my fingers for everything to be in place.

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