Loosing Weight

SIL is here with us right now for a week vacation. It was a first time for me to see her in person after being married to her brother for almost (Alhamdulillah, Thank God) 4 years. And I’ve only seen her in photos and through Facebook as well.

She looks so chubby in photos. So I told her the first time we met that she loosed weight. And she’s not shy to tell me frankly that she did an liposuction back where she and her family currently reside right now. And she lost around 19kgs of her total weight. Hubby was looking at me and was trying to convince me to allow him to do the same procedure for his abdominal part. I laughed out loud knowing his such a vain as I am with regards to gaining weight. And so for that, I’m reading again some article about lipozene review just for an incite. I wish my SIL good health and good luck for her targeted weight.

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