A Birthday Cup


imageIt’s my blog’s 1st year anniversary today. Happy Anniversary “A Cup of Meme”! I remember that before buying a domain for this blog, I started off with giving a blog URL for it as “Life in the Big Tree”. I named it after Doha where we used to reside for some time. But I’m happy right now having a good URL for it. And it’s nice to know that I’ve given a lot of information for this blog. I missed answering memes too. I’ll get back in track as soon as possible. I’m trying to cope up every now and then. And for that, I’ve given this blog a new theme. Yehey!

I’m now off to find some snow blowers for some good friends in the United States. They are planning to go up the mountain snow tops and right now due to snow blizzards that they experience last month, their cars are buried under the snow, poor thing. Good thing it doesn’t snow here much where we are right now. Though I’ve always love to experience living a country with a snowy weather. Insha Allah, God knows.

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