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7 Things About Me

Thanks to Einz for the tag. Well it’s about time to share some things about me.

1. I’m in love with Photography and it’s one of my hobbies right now.
2. I don’t know how to cook.
3. I hate spicy foods.
4. I sleep late so I wake up late as well.
5. I’ve watched “Sleepless in Seattle” and “You’ve Got Mail” for like 50x already. It’s a must that after watching SIS, I need to watch YGM after. Weirdo me.
6. I wish to polish my nails red – but I can’t.
7. I pray 5x a day.

There’s a rule for this one as always, I have to pass it on to 15 bloggers. Wow! That’s many. Well, if you read this post, please free to grab it and leave me a message under this post so that I know that you grabbed it, for that I’ll be able to see your answers too.

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April is Near

I’m not sure where exactly our location will be by April, but one thing I know is that it’ll be Easter soon and I’m sure a lot of kids will be doing their favorite past time for this favorite season of the year. I’m sure a lot of parents will be looking over Easter baskets for kids. I’ve never experienced doing an Easter Hunt but I’m hoping to have our first this year.

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Coughs and Colds

Hubby and daughter are both sick right now. The husband needs check-up because of his cough and the little girl has colds just last night. I feel guilty because I think Julia got infected because of my colds last week. I’ll monitor her case in 3 days and if the cold is still there, we’ll take her off to the doctor for check-up. For now, while she’s asleep I have some medical carts to look up to for reference.

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Loosing Weight

SIL is here with us right now for a week vacation. It was a first time for me to see her in person after being married to her brother for almost (Alhamdulillah, Thank God) 4 years. And I’ve only seen her in photos and through Facebook as well.

She looks so chubby in photos. So I told her the first time we met that she loosed weight. And she’s not shy to tell me frankly that she did an liposuction back where she and her family currently reside right now. And she lost around 19kgs of her total weight. Hubby was looking at me and was trying to convince me to allow him to do the same procedure for his abdominal part. I laughed out loud knowing his such a vain as I am with regards to gaining weight. And so for that, I’m reading again some article about lipozene review just for an incite. I wish my SIL good health and good luck for her targeted weight.

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Best Weight Pills

Looking for the best weight loss pills? My SIL’s in a matter of a diet right now and I’m in search for the best weight pills for her. She lost almost 19kgs already but still in need of a diet pill. I’m wondering how actors and actresses in Hollywood manage their weight. Aside of course from their private weight instructor, I’m sure that they are also drinking medicines to control their weight.

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Home Alone

I was checking out some features about the Outer Banks vacation rentals in the States for some good ideas on home exterior designs, when I remembered “Home Alone” the movie. Looking at these photos made me think of the big home Michael has on his movie. Lots of rooms and spacious living room too.


The design is such breath taking. It’s location is on the ocean front so the house for sure will be very relaxing during sunset and sunrise. What a cool way to have a good vacation. Look at these more designs below:


Very relaxing isn’t it? Especially if you belong to a big number of family members. Here’s a good spacious design for the kitchen.

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Lucky Color for 2011

People say that the lucky colors for this year are purple, blue and orange. Good thing that I’m into purple and blue. I’m not sure though with the orange. My wardrobe doesn’t include this colors for now.

Street StyleStreet Style by Natasha11™ featuring glass shades

Here’s a good outfit for an orange theme. A nice combination for jeans. made me think now as to where I can buy an orange shoes now. The scarf is a good idea really to pair up with this type of color.

For the mean time I need to search on some important reviews about Thyroid doctor austin, a college friend is in pursue of her medicine career and right now she’s in search for cause of thyroid imbalances in the our body.

After this, let’s all search our lucky color.

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Friday Fill-Ins 2011-02


And here’s my first for this year. Yehey!

1. Right now I need foot and leg massage – baby bump is getting bigger and heavier. My weight is not increasing even but I feel like I’m so heavy now.
2. A hot chocolate is what's in my glass.
3. A copy of this letter or shall I say blog post, will increase your knowledge about your friends, so let’s all link up and increase our PR ranking LOL.
4. A cup of soup is best with a spoon.
5. The best movie I've seen lately is “My Name is Khan” – I was crying like onion.
6. YOU like; I love.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to watch for the Nth time “You’ve Got Mail”, tomorrow my plans include summing up some tasks and Sunday, I want to feel blessed as always!

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A Birthday Cup


imageIt’s my blog’s 1st year anniversary today. Happy Anniversary “A Cup of Meme”! I remember that before buying a domain for this blog, I started off with giving a blog URL for it as “Life in the Big Tree”. I named it after Doha where we used to reside for some time. But I’m happy right now having a good URL for it. And it’s nice to know that I’ve given a lot of information for this blog. I missed answering memes too. I’ll get back in track as soon as possible. I’m trying to cope up every now and then. And for that, I’ve given this blog a new theme. Yehey!

I’m now off to find some snow blowers for some good friends in the United States. They are planning to go up the mountain snow tops and right now due to snow blizzards that they experience last month, their cars are buried under the snow, poor thing. Good thing it doesn’t snow here much where we are right now. Though I’ve always love to experience living a country with a snowy weather. Insha Allah, God knows.

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Home Sweet Home

We’ve been a busy bee searching for kitchen stuff for our little abode. And it’s so fun and so proud to go out and search for the best stuff for your home. It’s a wonderful feeling as well. A little excitement on both sides too. We’re trying our best to be within the budget. But we need as much as possible the deserving pieces to fit our home. It’ll be a good investment as well in the future.

There was a slight argument between Hubby and me when we started choosing the kitchen faucet though. I was into the low price yet elegant looking, while he on the other hand is for the high price but with good quality. We ended up with his choice of course. I wish I could share some photos for you but I’m giving a little spice of excitement for it.

Alhamdulillah, Thanks God for all this blessings.

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Loving Flickr Over Facebook

When was the last time I uploaded photos over Facebook? I can’t seem to remember. But one thing I know for sure, I’m loving Flickr over Facebook. Ever since my Mommy Santa gave a Flickr Pro account, I have access now to back up my photos over the internet. It’s limited as well for viewing. I only share files with friends I’m closed with. I’m trying to limit my access over the Facebook since most of the list under my friends are not that close to me. In time, I might disabled most of the features for them. I’m starting off with people who are just lurking around for no reasons. Ouch!

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