Unchained Melody

When we went out for a short trip in Laguna outside the city of Manila, there was a room for singing karaoke songs and my parents took the mic and sang their theme song entitle “Unchained Melody”. It gave me goose bumps seeing them singing together. My parents came from a family of talented people in line of music. My Grand father (Mother side) knows how to play the Violin while most of my uncles play the guitar and piano. With my father side, most of them plays the guitar too and good singers. I admit that I love singing too. I hope that baby J will be able to adapt to this talent and make use of it to praise and worship the Lord and offer back to him the blessings of these talents.

Well, I’m just on my emotional mode this past few weeks that’s why I’m sharing this to you. Have a good Sunday everyone.

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