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Anniversary Gift

What is the best gift for couple who just celebrated their 1st wedding anniversary? What is the best way to give it to them too?

Well, we were brain storming this afternoon and we decided to give our dear friend a special gifts like a clocks 1st anniversary gifts. I’m pretty sure that time is the most essential part of a marriage life. So we put up a plan for them and will dine out too with some close friends of ours. We still have 6 months more to plan ahead.


We’ll be ordering the above gift as soon as possible. It’s worth it especially for these two lovely couples.

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To Dye or Not To Dye?

When was the last time I dyed my hair? I think it was 3 years ago. When I found out that I was pregnant with my first child, my visit to the salon was like never – except when I was on my 6th month pregnancy. I visited the salon to cut my hair short. And now that I’m pregnant again, I have to wait for another 6 months to do the things that I want to do with my hair.image
I’m experiencing hair loss and right now have total damaged ends. I don’t like to cut it short like what I did before. I want it to have the same length like now. But after giving birth, I wish to have it dyed just the same color as the picture shown above. To have a chocolate brown shade. I would like to search as well for a specific shampoo for thinning hair. This will help me rejuvenate and to keep it as healthy as possible. Wish me good luck on this.

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Boots and Sneakers

My FIL posted a video in Facebook that was taken in the balcony of their house in Damascus. And right now, they are experiencing snow showers. Waaaahhh! I’m excited actually but at the same time a feeling of anxiousness since I’m not sure of what to expect once we arrive there which is in a few more weeks from now. We didn’t plan to go there this year but Hubby needs to check on some things in our house so we need to come home for a while. I’m in search right now for some Timberland boots which might be on sale. He's not prepared as well for our winter clothes too. I have my sneakers with me but for him and baby J, we need to get ready again. I can’t wait to see snow showers for real.

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FIFA World Cup 2022

We recently found out that FIFA World Cup will be held in Doha Qatar in 2022. It’s a privilege for Doha to host the World Cup. So right now the I’m sure sports trophies that was held in Doha will be brought out to be show case and be proud of. I’m not sure though if we will be able to witness this event. God willing.

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Unchained Melody

When we went out for a short trip in Laguna outside the city of Manila, there was a room for singing karaoke songs and my parents took the mic and sang their theme song entitle “Unchained Melody”. It gave me goose bumps seeing them singing together. My parents came from a family of talented people in line of music. My Grand father (Mother side) knows how to play the Violin while most of my uncles play the guitar and piano. With my father side, most of them plays the guitar too and good singers. I admit that I love singing too. I hope that baby J will be able to adapt to this talent and make use of it to praise and worship the Lord and offer back to him the blessings of these talents.

Well, I’m just on my emotional mode this past few weeks that’s why I’m sharing this to you. Have a good Sunday everyone.

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Roses Are Red

And in 3 days from now, I’m turning to big 30. Roses for me will mean another color. Like White or Pink. Am I aging? Mentally yes, and psychologically thinking, yes too. Physically, I can’t deny that I am too. But I’m not afraid of aging. We’ll all pass this way one way or another. It’s like an upgrade of having acne to rosacea. So I need to be ready for a rosacea treatment in the future.

Kidding aside. I believe that aging will always be a transparent thing in our lives for as long as we’re happy and content with what we have and we do in life. Have a meaningful December everyone.

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Acne Problems

I noticed lately that after coming from our trip from Boracay, there’s this 2 pimples on my left cheeks and I’m not liking it. I don’t have the mood right now to prepare my beauty remedies before sleeping since most of the times, I’m falling off to sleep without noticing. So now, I’m like in the beginning of doing an md clear review to clear out this unwanted acne. My birthday is like 3 days away from now. Please go away Mr. Acne!

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