Out for Vacation

Hi there all. How’s life treating you guys and gals?

Just a quick note to say that I’ll be missing you guys for 5 days. I’ll try to update once in a while, but I’m not sure if the itinerary will let me do a quick note by the time we reach London. We’re off for hubby’s Star of the Night Dinner with Richard Brancson (the Chairman of Virgin Mobile). The night of the 10th of the big night, but we’re off earlier so that we could visit some places. I pray that hormones and pregnancy blues will be on vacation as well during the coming days. I’ve been sleeping like a log! Hubby will kill me if I’ll be sleeping all days there in London.  This vacation reminds me of a friend who recently booked a Branson vacations with her family. We’re so fortunate to have such deals and blessings from Lord to enjoy our life here in this world.

Got to go now. Need to pack up some things for the last minute. I’ll try to update as promise.

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