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Renovating Plans

We will not renovate our house now but we’re just planning ahead of time to buy some water pump or to buy a water tank. We were joking that once we start to renovate the house, we might end up staying for a while in a van or even pay for the motor home repairs. But that was just a joke of course.

Water here in our village goes off every 9 o’clock in the evening, hence we need to make sure that the pale is enough for the whole night inside the bathroom for washing up purposes. It goes back again the next morning around 5 or 6 in the morning. We do hope though that we can do something to fix the roof in the future too. God’s will this shall be put into place.

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This was the reason on why I’ve been away blogging. We just celebrated Baby J’s 2nd birthday celebration at one of the famous fast food here in the Philippines and one of the jolliest mascot.


Baby J was so happy seeing those balloons on the floor and playing with other kids from time to time too. Oh how I love the way she smile and play with them that day, and she was gradually having fun too. Never imagined as well that she will love Jollibee that much. She kept on hugging and stealing kisses for him. So much fun. Thank God!

Next reason to be busy is our Twitter Exchange Gifts. Was looking for some coupons to give out too but I really don’t have much time right now. Good thing the name of the person I draw already listed her wish lists so it was easy for me to look for it.

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Looking for the Gadget

I met my friends over baby J’s birthday yesterday, and I suddenly remember that I owe 2 important gifts for a friend. She needed a Samsung Galaxy S travel charger and a car charger if there’s any. I wasn’t able to search when I was still in Qatar since the schedule was too busy and I needed to prepare a lot of things handling work loads for a friend. Good thing that there’s an online store which offers a good sale up to 70% over the weekend and they call it Black Friday. I need to hurry up and choose the best gift for her before offer ends then.

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Log In The House


It’s always been a classic view seeing home built with cabin furniture. I remember one time when I was still young, we visited a house that looks like a country style design. All made just like the photo above. Their house though is located at the North of the Philippines so the climate is slightly cold during year end. It was one of their best asset said the owner.

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Craving for Banana-Q

2 years ago when we were here in the Philippines, my husband craved for banana-q that he even went with my nephew by himself and rode the tricycle going to the market to buy 10 sticks of sweet banana coated with brown sugar. And now that we’re here for a month vacation, every other day, he has been eating around 5 to 6 sticks of freshly cooked banana-Q. And for that, I’m sure once we’re back to Qatar, he’ll be looking ways to find the best weight loss tablets there is in town. I’m happy that he’ll gain weight though.

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No Internet Connection

Hi there everyone!

Sorry because I've been lost for some time now. We arrived safe and sound here in my home country the other day. I'm really sorry for not updating. We don't have access to the internet since we arrive and just had connection yesterday. Hubby had to do some work issues regarding their printer supplies so I gave way for him to use the access the net.

I just asked him that I need to check on some stuff online. Baby J will celebrate her birthday this Saturday. I can't wait to see my friends too.
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Out for Vacation

Hi there all. How’s life treating you guys and gals?

Just a quick note to say that I’ll be missing you guys for 5 days. I’ll try to update once in a while, but I’m not sure if the itinerary will let me do a quick note by the time we reach London. We’re off for hubby’s Star of the Night Dinner with Richard Brancson (the Chairman of Virgin Mobile). The night of the 10th of the big night, but we’re off earlier so that we could visit some places. I pray that hormones and pregnancy blues will be on vacation as well during the coming days. I’ve been sleeping like a log! Hubby will kill me if I’ll be sleeping all days there in London.  This vacation reminds me of a friend who recently booked a Branson vacations with her family. We’re so fortunate to have such deals and blessings from Lord to enjoy our life here in this world.

Got to go now. Need to pack up some things for the last minute. I’ll try to update as promise.

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Friday Fill-Ins #198


So...here we go!
1. Sometimes, LIFE IS SO UNFAIR – but I’m used to it simply because I believe that everything happens for a reason.
2. So much thinking about the whole thing.
3. Small is terrible.
4. Reading a book is very enlightening.
5. I keep meaning to delay doing some things.
6. The fastest iPhone ...yet.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to continue packing some clothes, tomorrow my plans include to settle work issues and Sunday, I want to be free!

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Mini Kitchen

And there we go, in a few more days we’re leaving 2010 and we’re off to a big start for 2011. Me and my husband decided (with the help of my loving FIL) to have our dream house to be up by next year. I’m getting all the ideas from friends and over the web as well to think of a new modern way to design the interior. Insha Allah, God willing, if given the chance, we might be home as well in a few months to go visit and check the house too. I’m not a cook. And I’m not particular as well with the kitchen. But if living back home will make me be SAHM, I made a promise to my husband that I’ll do the best that I can to start cooking mediterranean meals. If that’s the case, I’m making sure that everything from small to big pieces will be fit perfectly inside. I’ve seen these Moen kitchen faucet and their designs are really perfect for a kitchen.

Like this one for example.

Or it could be like this modern style too.

This one looks elegant too. But I’m not sure of the sprinkle.

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Ready for Winter

We’re all ready for the winter. I do hope though that it rains snow here in Qatar. If it does, I’m sure I’m one of the mommies who are into buying cute ugg boots for their kids. I saw a friend wearing it over her Facebook account, I’m so envious that they are experiencing the 4 seasons of the year. What if the world turned on it’s side and started snowing up here in the Middle East and shining so hot there in the America? That will take miracles to happen. But never the less, I wish that if time comes, me and my kids will experience playing with snow, making snow man and lying on the floor creating our snow angel. Sigh… Happy dreams every one.

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Monkey Business

This is what we call it if we’re not sure of what we wanted for a business. We’re thinking of investing our money to a profitable business that can last for a life time. But of course, we’ll never know if there’s a stable business especially at this time of era where the world rotates without our knowledge on where the gold pot will end. We’re currently looking over business card printing. There’s always a business within a business. What do you think?

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