On the Job Training

My nephew’s doing pretty well with his training. I always see updates on his Facebook status sharing that he’s having a hard, yet good time gaining knowledge. He said that applying the one you learned from the school is really an adventure for him as everyday he’s encountering different people with different cases. He’s studying and reviewing some cases on eczema treatment.

But the main line that he want to focus into are studying veins. My mom’s a retired nurse. And she was under the IV team (Intravenous). And she advised my nephew to focus on this field since it’s one of the hardest field of being a nurse. Even Doctors during my mom’s working career are seeking help from their team before. I still remember the time where my mom was being called from their team to lend help with the doctors. There was a new born baby who needed an IV insertion, and they couldn’t find the right veins. My mom’s keen eye were there to help. So proud of her. Wish I have the patience and the stomach to face blood, otherwise I could’ve taken Nursing as course in college. But anyway, no regrets at all.

That’s it for now. Good luck to you my dear nephew!

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