A Sunny Photo Shoot

Summer is almost over here in the middle east. The weather has changed from a normal afternoon temperature of 56°C, now it’s around 35°C. Right now the weather is 32°C as of 4 o’clock in the morning. It’s getting colder and colder. The wind is not that humid like before. Good thing that last week, when we went out for our Eid holidays, I got the chance to make a 15 minute photo session with my little one. I have like roughly around 15 to 20 raw photos of her.

And here’s one with her eyes close. She was trying to look directly at the sun while swinging from the chair but she couldn’t, ha-ha!
Having a short vacation outside of the city can lessen stress at work and lots of thinking along the way. Family bonding is the best and natural way to remove those wrinkles on our faces. Though we still need to put wrinkle creams every now and then. But it’s really recommended to freshen up, right? Hope you guys are enjoying the everyday with your love ones.

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