Most Expensive Phone

Our customers are looking for the branded ones. The new ones. The one with the classic and expensive design there is. High class people, middle class and even the low profiles are looking for it – not into buying, but just one of those curious people, like me – who just want to look and feel holding one of the expensive phones in the world.

The iPhone 3GS Supreme Rose by Stuart Hughes at an OMG price of
£1.93,25 Million ($3.15 million)
But now, luxury phones are being named after those luxurious cars as well. For instance, Ferrari phones were out here in the Middle East. Motorola launched the phones with Ferrari designs years ago. The price are reasonably high, not because it’s using those high class Ferrari parts, but it holds the name. The brand. I remember there was a car parked in front of our shop days ago, I wish I could’ve taken a photo of it. Who wouldn’t love to have one of those red cars. My husband’s drooling over it. But we’re happy with our Angel – for now.

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