Eid Holiday 2010

Last week was a holiday for us. That’s one of the reasons why I was MIA for quite some time. We went for a short trip outside the city. We wanted to change moods and unwind for some time. We were with some friends and our friend was supposed to hire a van for us to use. We used 3 cars going to Sultan Beach Resort. But then we decided to use our own cars instead. Anyway, it’s just an hour trip away from the city.

We were here for 3 days, 2 nights. This is the view from our room window. The right side is a view of the restaurant hall. I will upload some photos on my other blog. I only wish I find the cable to transfer the photos from my dslr.Sultan Beach Resort 
My friend who went for a vacation in America used this RV once during their trip outside the city. It’s really nice to feel comfortable on the road. And she said that it’s safe as well because when they rented the RV, they signed as well to make sure that the van has valid rv insurance. So it was really a great deal for them. Travel time to Syria is like 48hours from here. In time, if we’re ready to travel that long, we’ll do hire one.

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