Astrology: Sagittarius

Weekend Update:
Sep 24, 2010

Although you’re spilling over with enthusiasm on Friday, wear a poker face. If you reveal how eager you are, you could wind up getting shortchanged at the negotiating table. Don’t forget what YOU bring to the mix, Sagittarius. As much as you love a new opportunity, it will also take time and hard work on your part. Make sure you’re being realistic about what a job or relationship entails before you agree to take it on. Over the weekend, finances come into focus and you begin seeing new avenues for collaborative investing, saving, and sharing of resources. If you continue to increase your spending along with your earning, your wealth will never have a chance to grow. Put aside more for the future and trim back some of the excess from your current budget. While you don’t need to live the austere lifestyle, there are a couple luxuries that you could live without. On Sunday, recommit to the healthy eating plan you engaged in earlier this year. No, you don’t have to become a member of the Calorie Police Squad, but tracking your food intake for a few weeks can help you distinguish real hunger from emotional eating. - Horoscopes provided by The AstroTwins

Not all but some of it applies do have an impact on me.

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