A Maxi Dress for Moi

I’m planning to wear a maxi dress on the beach this November. So that I can still wear my Hijjab and will still look in style. I found a dress over the magazine today that’s why I’m looking over for this type of clothes over the net. Might as well visit H&M soon for this agenda.

If ever, this will be my first time to wear a long dress. I’m short in height and I’m a little bit scared that somehow wearing a maxi clothes might make me look more short. But hey, if Vannessa Hudgens can wear one in a height of 5’1” why can’t I who’s just an inch smaller than her? Oh yeah! That’s the spirit! LOL!image

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Faye | September 2, 2010 at 8:55 AM

I love Maxi dress :) I got one from TJ maxx super sale!:) got it for 70% Off! it was a steal!

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