But I’m blessed to have given this loads – no regrets at all.

Being away for a week is not that hard. The trial there is going back and coping up with a lot of things you’ve missed during that short week.


I feel like I have a 3 cookies on top of me now. (1) Work loads, (2) Online tasks and (3) Blog and FB back read.

I’m done reading my work and personal emails already. But I haven’t checked my Google reads and really right now, I don’t know where exactly to begin. Sigh… I feel like I’m still with my in-laws right now, eating and sleeping. Such a baby for a week. Yah, you could call it “spoiled daughter-in-law” LOL! So thankful for have given such wonderful and loving family-in-laws. A one of kind blessing for me, Alhamdulillah Thanks God.

So where to next? Online tasks. As I’ve said, priorities.

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