Wednesday Happy Thoughts


1. Tomorrow is my day off.
2. Bought a new bag which was 1/2 the sale price (Yah I know, don’t scold me on this. My husband had a bet and he lost that’s why I forced him to buy me a new bag, LOL! I love you Sweety!)
3. Bought as well a new acne cream – I hope this time it will do a big effect for my face. I’m beginning to grow a zit or two.
4. 3 days off for this week due to a straight shift for 2 days, yey!
5. Bought as well new feeding nipples for Julia.
6. I’m planning to cook Egg and Peas this weekend for the guys which I found in the internet. I hope it will give a good taste though. I don’t trust myself actually with regards to cooking.
7. Happy for a good health for me and my family and no one got sick big time for the last 2 quarters of this year (excluding the coughs and cold)
8. Countdown vacation to Philippines – 4months to go.
9. Thankful for having good online friends.
10. Happy to be married to my husband.

There you go. My 10 lists for being HAPPY on a Wednesday. Want to join us? Click here.

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