Off Duty


After 4 days straight of work in the shop, I’ll be getting my day off. I fixed a lot of things in the shop for this week. I was gone for almost a week that’s why I arranged a lot of materials. Aside from counting each stock in our cup board, I ordered as well a new barcode scanner. Ours recently broke down. The wirings are not working any longer and it was giving us a different number series every time we scanned a unit.

So what’s for the weekend? Aside from updating a blog of 2, I’ll be packing clothes to be sent to my in-laws. A friend will be going home for a month vacation, so Hubby and I gathered some clothes which doesn’t fit our sizes. What’s the meaning with this? I need to buy a new one. Joke! I’m stopping myself actually to buy pajamas since I’ve already bought a lot during our vacation to Jeddah. I just hope that Hubby’s clothes will fit all to his brother.

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