A New Wedding Ring

I should post this on my other blog but I think this is for a fashion within me talking so I decided to post it here instead.

I’m looking forward to have a new wedding band for me and my husband, and I would love to have something with a loose diamonds if given the chance. For now, I’m looking over these designs over the web and hopefully could get something similar to these ones. Hubby opt to wear a silver ring.
And I wanted something simple like this.image

…and something expensive too, like this:
Well, let’s hope that we could find a good deal with this one. We’re not in a hurry to change our wedding bands. Actually we don’t have a legal wedding bands. In Islam, it’s not really required to have a legal ring but of course, all wife and husband should have at least something in common right? I hope that Hubby would agree on this. Sigh…

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