Her Cutest Smile!

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Meet my little girl! Baby J’s 20mos old and exactly 2wks. We’ll be celebrating her 2nd birthday in the Philippines this November. I’ve totally forgot about this photo that was taken 2 months back. A meet up with hubby’s co-workers before they launched Virgin Mobile here in Qatar. Good thing that I was able to have a copy of all the photos on hubby’s laptop. I uploaded I think around 30 photos in Facebook and allowed hubby to tag his friends. I’m glad that they liked the retro version for all their photos.

And speaking of laptop, I need to buy a new one. I’m currently using hubby’s old desktop. I’m not complaining – not at all, it’s just that these laptops which are currently on sale are all eye catching. I need to convince first the husband to have our desktop on sale first.

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