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I haven’t been blogging lately.

Our company is in a big step to another profitable business in the coming days, so in preparation with that, all of us are doing our very best to promote it. Aside from the arrival of iPad in town, and the sales for Blackberry units are in still in demand, we’re still looking forward for more products that we can offer with our customers. As the head of our shop, I’ll be leaving this blog for like 2 or 3 days to focus on my job first. Although I’ve checked the recent memes that I’m into and so far, Monday and Wednesday’s meme doesn’t have updates for almost 2 weeks I think, so I guess May is a busy month for everyone then.

I’m still updating – it’s a must! and it’s a promised!, my other blog though. Please do visit me there if you can.

For now, have a safe weekend dear friends.


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