What’s In Your Kikay Purse?

A dear big sister ate Litzie tagged us with this cute meme. I did this a few years ago over my wordpress blog. It’s about showing off what’s inside your bag itself. I’ll wait for that since it’s been years and a lot of things happened and has changed. I was using a small handy bag, but now, I need a big one – and when I say big, as in BIG bulky put-all-the-things-in-it bag. LOL!

Ooopps! sorry, The little one can’t help including herself when I was taking a shot of my kikay purse, hehe! This pouch was a gift from Julia’s god-mother, Joana last Christmas 2009. Thank you Ninang.
What’s inside?

  • Body Shop Face Base Foundation
  • Body Shop Mirror (Masha’Allah I have this for almost 4 years now, wow!)
  • 2 Maybelline New York’s Eye Liner
  • Maybelline New Yokr’s Pink Frosting Mousse Blush (love the shimmer!)
  • Bene tint (every girl should have one!) I put on this just in case of emergency, hehe! Need to rub those cheeks to go pink when I’m getting pale because of irate customers, hehe! Just kidding.
  • Rimel London Concealer (Believe it or not: I’ve just learned how to use this last February, LOL! I’m  a late bloomer when it comes to this things)
  • Marks and Spencer: Rasberry lip butter (another Christmas gift from a friend, Ceejhay).
  • Marks and Spencer: Lipstick – shades of Golden Sands
  • lastly Lip Gloss

That’s all what’s into it. If you happen to drop by and see this, please do tag yourself and let me see yours too. Hehe! Thanks ate Litzie for the tag. Until next time.

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