Manic Monday #2

Join us here.

Are you doing what you really want to do?

  • In work not really but in my chosen faith, being a mom and wife, yes. I’m lovin’ it just as it should be.

What is your biggest fear? How can you conquer that fear?

  • I fear heights. I’ve always wanted to feel the feeling of jumping over a cliff or like those people who went to Singapore and jump over one of the highest buildings. Yikes! Just thinking of it makes my stomach upset. LOL! But really, I would do all the things if given the chance to either do bungee jumping or sky diving.

Have you settled for mediocrity in your life?

  • I believe so. I have a loving husband, a loving family and an amazing family-in-laws too (that’s a few in a million, for a person like me married to an Arab nationality), and having Julia in my life makes me COMPLETE.

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