3x Thursday: Personal Projects

1. Do you have any personal projects (it could be anything) in the works? If so, what are they? If not, got anything coming up?
- I just finished this afternoon a pregnancy portrait for a dear friend of mine. I don’t have that much accessories to bring with, except my tripod, my dslr, my kit lens and lastly my imagination + the important thing of all, I dragged along a close friend so to keep an eye on my little one while me and my pregnant friend do the shooting.

2. Have you completed any projects lately? What were they?
- as I’ve said, the photo shoot that I’ve just made was a success. Now the next thing is to furnished the shots.

3. How’s your health? Do you have any ‘health projects’ (exercising, loosing weight, figuring out health issues) that you have going on? If so, what are they? If not, are you in pretty good health?
- I’m thin. I need to gain weight. I need to fix my sleeping habits and lastly, I need to do something to have it all worked out. I don’t have much time to enroll for a gym class. I’m a working mom and aside from work, I have online task sometimes too. So I really can’t squeeze in some health projects right now. But – with all that complains, I’m thankful and blessed that me and my family are fit and healthy. Not fat, not that thin, but healthy.

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