3x Thursday – hobbies

List and describe 3 hobbies that you have (they can be anything).

NIKON D40X DSLR – I love photography and I wish I could like do something worth it about it. I’m fond of taking photos here and there but not in a professional way.People say that I have an eye of a photographer *blushing cheeks. Kidding aside, having a good of set tools will do but since I can’t afford right now to upgrade my cam, I’m just loving each and everything my eye catches me to shoot. You can check my 365 Days Project on here.

BLOGGING – well, that’s obvious. LOL!

SINGING – during my younger days, every weekends with some friends, we used to rent those Karaoke machines then boost our voice up to the highest level, hehe! But right now, if there’s a party that includes singing, shyness comes in. No chance at all for me to sing – except inside the bathroom, LOL!

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