New Month, New Boss?

We’ve been hearing a lot of rumors lately with regards to the status of our CEO. There’s no confirmation at all but there’s a lot of here say.

I myself is not sure if it’s true or no, but whatever outcome there will be, I’m sure that his decisions is based on a good and positive thinking. He’s not leaving the company just because he was kicked out or something, he’s leaving because there’s another good offer that will give more benefit for him. Everyone will take the same choice, right? So me personally is not that sad at all for him. He’s way too professional to handle all things. I’ve learned a lot from our CEO. He’s not that close to us. Unlike other CEO’s, he’s the type boss that is not that close to other people. I barely see him visiting all the shops regularly. He’s tough though – very tough! Very strict yet very professional. So as I bid farewell to February, I bid farewell as well to our CEO. That if, if it’s true hehe!

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