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New Blog Theme

Bear with me as I explore another theme for this blog. I’m in the process of adding up elements on my side bar. So just in case you visit and everything is seems not in place, worry not – there’s nothing wrong with your explorer. LOL! I’m planning to add a page for exchanging site badges, so if you have one leave me a message and I’ll surely add you up. Thank you!

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Sunshine Award

Thanks to Amina for passing on this Sunshine Award.

The rules are :

1. Put the logo on your blog or within your post;

2. Pass the award onto 12 bloggers;

3. Link the nominees within your post;

4. Let the nominees know they have won the award by commenting on their blog;

5. Share the love and link to the person from whom you received the award.

I'm passing this award to:  all my the people in my blog roll. You made my life sunny always.

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Day 50 – The 365 Days Project

Motherhood – the best job in the world!

DAY 50

Here’s me and the little one at the park today. Hubby took as out to change our moods.

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day 49 – The 365 Days Project

DAY 49

We had dinner out with friends. Dear Mojo celebrated her 2nd year here in Doha, so as a treat she took us out in HIsham Restaurant. It’s a Syrian cuisine and an open buffet. Food was great and the service is excellent. This photo was grabbed thru dear friend Emily thru her Facebook profile. She’s using Nikon D3000 and I borrowed it a took this shot. Nice camera she has there. Boke and focus, perfect!

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Photoshop CS3

I’m finally using PSCS3 for editing my photos. I’m getting the hang of it and I’m trying to learn slowly slowly for some techniques that I can use with my new found hobby – Digi scrapping.

I’ve tried a long time to digi scrap way back 2004 but the program that I was using before was old school Photo Impact. But a friend of mine taught me in using Photoshop especially with the tricks on using drop down shadow. So I said to myself, might as well upgrade myself with it. Give it a try and get used to is. Besides, everyone is using Photoshop so I need to adopt to it. Thank God for the video tutorials online. It’s a big help for me.

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My Little Doha

This photo was taken 2 days ago. I was preparing her things early in the morning. And I decided to dress her new shirt which I bought a few weeks back too.

So here’s my cute little cupcake showing all proud the city where she was born.


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Day 48 – The 365 Days Project

The little one and I were playing around. I want to take a photo of her, but here’s what she did. LOL!

DAY 48

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Day 47 – The 365 Days Project

DAY 47

And look who’s smiling back, hehe!

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Late Posting

It’s almost midnight.

I need to pause for a while in publishing my drafts for my 365 Days Project.

I have to wake up early for tomorrow’s work. This morning, Hubby woke me up because I didn’t hear the phone alarmed again. Sigh…. need to adjust quickly with this new schedule. The road every morning is really jammed with traffic and I’m not used to it actually. My work shift before was in the afternoon so the road is not that bumper to bumper thing. So I bid farewell for now. Tomorrow’s my last day of work then it’s another free time. I need to get my blogging mojo back.

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I feel so bad for not being able to blog lately.

A lot of things has been happening surround me and one of those things is work load. I have been assigned with a new position that needs dedication and more focus at work, so I wasn’t able to post publish any thing for the last few days. Imagine that I wasn’t even able to play with my phone too, now that’s really odd. LOL!

Well anyways, during my last post, I said that I need to do some things. So here’s an update to it:

- was able to update my iPhone’s SW to 3.1.3

- is in the process of publishing my 365 days project entry ~ I’m really sorry Ms Tracy :D

The rest is still pending, haha!

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Day 46 – The 365 Days Project

Playing around with Sepia mode.

DAY 46

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New Month, New Boss?

We’ve been hearing a lot of rumors lately with regards to the status of our CEO. There’s no confirmation at all but there’s a lot of here say.

I myself is not sure if it’s true or no, but whatever outcome there will be, I’m sure that his decisions is based on a good and positive thinking. He’s not leaving the company just because he was kicked out or something, he’s leaving because there’s another good offer that will give more benefit for him. Everyone will take the same choice, right? So me personally is not that sad at all for him. He’s way too professional to handle all things. I’ve learned a lot from our CEO. He’s not that close to us. Unlike other CEO’s, he’s the type boss that is not that close to other people. I barely see him visiting all the shops regularly. He’s tough though – very tough! Very strict yet very professional. So as I bid farewell to February, I bid farewell as well to our CEO. That if, if it’s true hehe!

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Day 45 – The 365 Days Project

Election in the Philippines will be held on the 10th of May 2010. The elected President will be the 15th President of the Philippines. And based on this color, you know who I vote to ;)

DAY 45

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