New Eyeglasses

This was mine for a day only. The next day I had to return it because I felt that it’s too big for my face.



I have astigmatism. I started wearing eyeglasses I think year 2005. That time my vision was only –25 left and right. So the ophthalmologist said that there’s no need to wear eyeglasses since the vision can be cured by avoiding washing my face in the evening or after a long stress at work. But I cannot. I have to since my migraine is killing me! Then I stopped wearing my eyeglasses year end of 2008. Because I got pregnant and it made me feel like dizzy from time to time. So to avoid taking medications, I decided not to wear my eyeglasses. Alhamdulillah everything got normal after that.

But recently, I felt like as time passes by, my eyesight is not the same as before. I’m looking at people far away like I can’t see them anymore. I need to half close my eyes and focus on their faces just to know if they’re looking back at me or what. So I decided to visit the ophthalmologist last week.

A month ago, I had my eye checked up. –75/-50 was the result of the test. According to the ophthalmologist, my eyes are stressed out and sitting in front of the PC  for more than 8 hours made a big effect on it.

But the weird thing about it was that last week when I had my eye checked up the test was –75 for both eyes. That’s how big radiation does on the eyes that in a matter of month, my eyes got blurrier than before?! Wow! That’s really unbelievable.

Well anyway, I’ll be receiving my new eyewear later this afternoon. Let’s not abused our gentle eyes friend.

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