I Love Applebee’s

One of the finest dine in restaurants here in Doha is Applebee’s. The service is fast and food is delicious. When I was pregnant, I craved for their Iced Tea. Ahhh… I love the honey syrup you mixed with it. Their steak is tender and well cooked too. Good thing that they opened up a new place in another isolated area. Their first branch in Al-Saad is small and is always busy during week ends. Reservations are not possible even since they’ll give you minimum time to reserve the seats only. So every time we dine in, we choose to eat in the Sports Club area where there’s enough sits for everyone and you could like focus on eating because the ambiance is quiet and you’ll feel some privacy as well.

TheLittleOneHubby&FriendShrimp Parmesan SteakSoumaya&Me

Hubby loves their food too. Every month I think we try to like dine in just to check out their menu for new ones. Hubby ordered the same Applebee’s Burger with Beef Bacon and Cheese and as usual I order the same New Yorker Steak with Baked mashed potato and Grilled Mac & Cheese as side dish. My pants are bloated when we left, LOL!

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