Day 36 – The 365 Days Project

I wasn’t able to go to work today. I woke up feeling bad because of my tooth. I just had my braces adjusted 3 days ago and the pain was not tolerable anymore. Yesterday, I feel numb on my upper tooth, thought I can get over it but the pain reliever didn’t effect right away. I called my dentist and ask for prescriptions of any remedies to make the pain less. She said to take Panadol every 4 hours and so I did. I woke up past 12 in the afternoon and slept back again feeling a dizzy. I woke up past 5:30 pm. The little one was beside me. I didn’t even noticed that she was asleep too. I thought she was playing with her Dad, but I guess she got infected because of the I-wan-to-sleep-back mode that Mommy has. LOL!

I woke up feeling a little well. Drink medicine again and this time for the bad headache. Too much concern with the our work as well which made my headache worst. Tomorrow’s another day. Problems needs to resolve. Insha Allah I can get thru with this trial.

Anyway, when I was updating reports, I took notes on my diary just to be ready for tomorrow’s meeting with my staff. I noticed that the little one’s curious on what I’m doing. So after taking notes, I gave her a blank paper and a pen to write what she wanted. Hubby then came laughing and telling me to look what our little one did to herself. When I looked back at her, she did write something on the paper, but more on her skin. LOL!

DAY 36

See the heart? Awww… love notes for Mama and Papa. Not bad for a starter. Haha!

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Katie | February 22, 2010 at 12:48 AM

I hope you're feeling much better!!! And that little leg is so cute - the heart just adds to it!! :)

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