Day 32 – The 365 Days Project

I can’t believe that I surpass a month of the 365 Day Project. Wohoo! I’m so proud of me I’m able to accomplish little things to make me smile. I appreciate those people who never forgets (as in!) to like drop a note and comment on my photos. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much! I’m happy because I’m having fun doing this project and I cross my fingers that I can finish it up until the end.

Today was a very sunny day. I didn’t even noticed the humidity outside because I was the whole day inside the shop. Hubby picked me up from work tonight and just when I was about to go out the shutter of our shop, I noticed the fog on the lamp post in the street. I thought at first that there’s a construction going on nearby but I said to myself that it’s impossible since there’s like no space for big bulk of sand or whatever that can cause this fog. The roof of our car has moist all over it, then I realized that it’s not a dust from somewhere but it’s mist/fog everywhere!

DAY 32

You probably have seen this on my last post. This was the same mosque and the same hi-way street lights. It looks like the sun, right?

This is my first encounter of a real massive fog attack here in Doha. Creepy!


This was along the hi-way going home. You can see the lights looks like space ship, LOL!


And this one was taken at the roof top. Here the lights again looks like an alien space ship, hehe!

Well, having this kind of weather here in Qatar just means one thing, get ready for summer. Dry skin, here we go again.

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Luschka | February 18, 2010 at 12:54 AM

These are beautiful, moody shots. Very nicely done!

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