Day 20 – The 365 Days Project

Just came home from the Songbird and the Songwriter concert. Twas a windy day tonight. The wind was hard and we thought that it’ll rain for some time. But destiny was with us. We made it thru the concert till the end of it. The gate was open at exactly 5:00pm. The concert was scheduled to start by 8:00pm but we were excited to be at first in the row. The tickets are in general so first come first seats taken rules. The concert was held in Qatar Sports Club. We didn’t expect that they will not place up seats in the middle of the field, so even if we were early the stadium was not that full since everyone was in the middle and trying to hard to get close to the stage itself. But security was strict Alhamdulillah that they threaten to stop the show if the audience gets close to the stage. “Disciplined!” requested by one of the coordinators of the show.

I wasn’t able to take good photos since the stage was far from our place. We decided to stay behind the sitting area rather than jostling with one another just to see the performers up close. But thank God for ate Jelly’s husband, kuya Rouel that he was able to manually set my DSLR. I got a few good shots after all.

DAY 20

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Tracy | February 5, 2010 at 6:25 AM

Cool shot!

{ Jhari } | February 5, 2010 at 8:13 PM

RT to Thanks Teacher :)

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