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Day 44 – The 365 Days Project

I was cleaning some clutter in the other room and I came across this rose that one of the little one’s bear stuff toy is clinging on to. I suddenly felt like a little jitter. It’s a plastic rose. Long lasting and never dies. Same like my love for photography. Shoot anywhere and whatever. But I’m really saving up for a new DSLR. Planning to upgrade my cam but hubby is not in favor of it. He told me to sell my old DSLR first then I can buy a new one. Sigh… when it will be?  The answer is indefinite.

DAY 44

I’m closing off this month’s Project for a red rose that symbolizes February – the love month.

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Day 43 – The 365 Days Project

We went shopping for grocery today. Pass by a an aisle for women stuffs and can’t get enough to buy a set of nail polish. And here’s the result, my new French tip nails. Hope it’ll stay for the whole week. It’s been a while since the last time I polished my nails.

DAY 43

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day 42 – The 365 Days Project

One of a kind perfume. Long lasting :)

DAY 42

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Day 41 – The 365 Days Project

Can’t get enough of the cool shades of Hubby’s hair gel again. LOL!

DAY 41

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Day 40 – The 365 Days Project

Loving the red color from Hubby’s hair gel.

DAY 40

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Rest Day


Need to do the following hopefully by today:

- need to update my iPhone’s software.

- need to publish my 365 days photo drafts.

- a long back read in Tweeter and FB.

- blog about work load.

- blog about updates on the little one.

and lastly,

- to blog about my nephews good news.

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Day 39 – The 365 Days project

DAY 39

One of a kind golf ball. Tiger Wood mystery, LOL!

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Day 38 – The 365 Days Project

DAY 38

Hubby’s one of a kind YSL.

Last week, we went shopping for My Mom’s and Dad’s gift. I owe them a gift for their Wedding Anniversary. My friend will be leaving by next month and I gave them set of perfume. Hope they’ll love it.

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Day 37 – The 365 Days Project

DAY 37

Our dinner :D

Hubby loves Mr. KFC himself. We just tasted the new Panini and it’s really delicious!

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Day 36 – The 365 Days Project

I wasn’t able to go to work today. I woke up feeling bad because of my tooth. I just had my braces adjusted 3 days ago and the pain was not tolerable anymore. Yesterday, I feel numb on my upper tooth, thought I can get over it but the pain reliever didn’t effect right away. I called my dentist and ask for prescriptions of any remedies to make the pain less. She said to take Panadol every 4 hours and so I did. I woke up past 12 in the afternoon and slept back again feeling a dizzy. I woke up past 5:30 pm. The little one was beside me. I didn’t even noticed that she was asleep too. I thought she was playing with her Dad, but I guess she got infected because of the I-wan-to-sleep-back mode that Mommy has. LOL!

I woke up feeling a little well. Drink medicine again and this time for the bad headache. Too much concern with the our work as well which made my headache worst. Tomorrow’s another day. Problems needs to resolve. Insha Allah I can get thru with this trial.

Anyway, when I was updating reports, I took notes on my diary just to be ready for tomorrow’s meeting with my staff. I noticed that the little one’s curious on what I’m doing. So after taking notes, I gave her a blank paper and a pen to write what she wanted. Hubby then came laughing and telling me to look what our little one did to herself. When I looked back at her, she did write something on the paper, but more on her skin. LOL!

DAY 36

See the heart? Awww… love notes for Mama and Papa. Not bad for a starter. Haha!

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Day 35 – The 365 Days Project

DAY 35

The little one’s feet by 1 year, 3 months and 11 days old.

It’s Friday night, we were supposed to go out to buy packages for my parents since a friend of mine will have her vacation by next month. I’m planning to buy a pair of sandals for my dad and a new perfume set for my Mom, but Hubby and I were too lazy to go out. We woke up today past 5 in the afternoon. It’s been a long time since the last time I slept for 12 hours. The little one was that lazy as well to wake up. She woke at the same time when I went up from the bed. Like mother like daughter. We don’t look alike, but I think she got my sleeping habits. LOL!

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The Blind Side (2009)

“You’re changing that boy’s life…”.

Leigh Anne replied “No… he’s changing mine…”


Hubby and I watched this last night and I’d say that this is one of the best movies based on true to life I’ve seen yet so far. I cried for almost half of the movie and the husband’s been laughing at me all the time, LOL! The husband recommend to watch this movie but we haven’t had much time to see it, but yesterday we had the time to see it and after seeing it, I watched the movie twice! Yep, in twice in day. First time doing it. I love the story and I really hope that there are more people like the Tuohy’s who open up their house for a homeless kid. Without hesitations and doubts.

I love Sandra Bullock. I’ve always been a fan of her from the beginning of “Speed” days. And she really act very well whether comedy, romance, action. I’d say she’s everything rolled into one.

There was a scene in the movie where Sandra Bullock’s daughter Lily Collins who acted up as “Collins” in the movie was watching a movie with all her beauty mask on. I recognized instant that she’s watching New Moon. The scene was in the woods where Edward was saying goodbye to Bella. Yah, I saw that, haha! I’m a fan, obviously. Anyway, I saved the movie on my file already.

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Day 34 – The 365 Days Project

It’s Thursday night… nothing to do… Hubby’s not in the mood to go out tonight. But the weather outside is good. We decided to stroll along a nearby stadium and lucky us, there’s a soccer game going on. Not a fan but Hubby is. We didn’t stay long. We just stroll around the sports club and then went back home again.

DAY 34

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Bedroom Design

“Claim it and it’s yours” – a dear friend of mine told me this recently when I was like down for a few weeks. Alhamdulillah, Thanks be to God everything is alright now. Sigh… I’m thankful for having such friends to whom I can share my thoughts to even if we’re far from each other, I’m blessed to have them close to my heart. Thanks God of course for the World Wide Web for letting us communicate anytime.

In line to that saying, I found again the most elegant bedroom design yet so far that would fit our future address. I love the curving, color is perfect and the drawers under the bed can work as a great storage. I’m really loving Pottery Barns Ideas.


This is another idea saved on our list. Insha Allah, ya rab! Oh God, this can be ours in the future.

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The Mist

Just to share with you a little joy + creepy ride coming home from last night work. I’m still not over the fog thing, LOL!

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day 33 – The 365 Days Project (On Mobile)

DAY 33

Enjoying our days off watching and having a sweet cold cone of Ice Cream.

Have a happy weekend everyone!

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Day 32 – The 365 Days Project

I can’t believe that I surpass a month of the 365 Day Project. Wohoo! I’m so proud of me I’m able to accomplish little things to make me smile. I appreciate those people who never forgets (as in!) to like drop a note and comment on my photos. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much! I’m happy because I’m having fun doing this project and I cross my fingers that I can finish it up until the end.

Today was a very sunny day. I didn’t even noticed the humidity outside because I was the whole day inside the shop. Hubby picked me up from work tonight and just when I was about to go out the shutter of our shop, I noticed the fog on the lamp post in the street. I thought at first that there’s a construction going on nearby but I said to myself that it’s impossible since there’s like no space for big bulk of sand or whatever that can cause this fog. The roof of our car has moist all over it, then I realized that it’s not a dust from somewhere but it’s mist/fog everywhere!

DAY 32

You probably have seen this on my last post. This was the same mosque and the same hi-way street lights. It looks like the sun, right?

This is my first encounter of a real massive fog attack here in Doha. Creepy!


This was along the hi-way going home. You can see the lights looks like space ship, LOL!


And this one was taken at the roof top. Here the lights again looks like an alien space ship, hehe!

Well, having this kind of weather here in Qatar just means one thing, get ready for summer. Dry skin, here we go again.

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Day 31 – The 365 Days Project

DAY 31

It’s playtime as always for our little one!

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Belated Happy Hearts Day

Hello everyone, I have limited access to the net right now. Need to post 2 pending photos for my 365 days project, my Desktop's running low right now that's why I cannot upload photos as much as I wanted to - or shall I say as Fast as I wanted to.

I'm blogging right now via mobile and imagine me hitting on the 'return' like 5 or 8 times because of hitting the wrong letters. Sigh...

So how was your hearts day? Mine is quiet and borring. Got home from work last night late then Hubby ordered delivery from Hardee's. Played a little while with the little one then tucked her in the bed. We'll have plans by Wednesday to celebrate Post Vday.

For now, I'll be on idle until my PC's running smoothly again.

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day 30 – The 365 Days Project

Hubby picked me up from work and we pass thru this house which was just a street after us. Lights coming from this villa means that there’s somebody who just got married and they are in celebration for it. Usually the have this open for like a week (I think).

DAY 30

Looks like the house is on fire, right? LOL! What a lovely day for a wedding – day of hearts.

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Day 29 – The 365 Days Project

DAY 29

It’s another Saturday. Start of the week here in the Middle East.

Here’s to a fruit-full week.

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Day 28 – The 365 Days Project

We went to Villaggio Mall to spend a quiet evening with my the little one. Walk a little in the Aspire Park. The weather was good tonight, not that cold – not that hot, just perfect. This is the Aspire Tower in Khalifa Stadium just beside the Villaggio Mall.

DAY 28

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I Love Applebee’s

One of the finest dine in restaurants here in Doha is Applebee’s. The service is fast and food is delicious. When I was pregnant, I craved for their Iced Tea. Ahhh… I love the honey syrup you mixed with it. Their steak is tender and well cooked too. Good thing that they opened up a new place in another isolated area. Their first branch in Al-Saad is small and is always busy during week ends. Reservations are not possible even since they’ll give you minimum time to reserve the seats only. So every time we dine in, we choose to eat in the Sports Club area where there’s enough sits for everyone and you could like focus on eating because the ambiance is quiet and you’ll feel some privacy as well.

TheLittleOneHubby&FriendShrimp Parmesan SteakSoumaya&Me

Hubby loves their food too. Every month I think we try to like dine in just to check out their menu for new ones. Hubby ordered the same Applebee’s Burger with Beef Bacon and Cheese and as usual I order the same New Yorker Steak with Baked mashed potato and Grilled Mac & Cheese as side dish. My pants are bloated when we left, LOL!

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MB 88555

Last week during my work, one of the customers parked his car in front of our shop. I noticed the MB logo immediately and really I said “wow!”.

Check out the customized plate number for his car? I think it’s worth half a million for this. Or it could be free. I guess he’s a Sheikh. No person here can have that special number *wink.


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Day 27 – The 365 Days Project

DAY 27

Yummy Tofifee… Love it!

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Funny Movie Date

Just finished watching “Zombieland” with Hubby. It’s another boring Wednesday night and we just have nothing else to do during our days off. Hubby will just sit on his laptop while I hop around the blogosphere. Last night we watch as well “The House Bunny”. And I laughed too much on this movie. As a matter of fact, every time I remember that funny part, I just kept on laughing. It’s a must see movie. A lot of humor, fun and it’ll forget you that in the real world there are really dumb people around it. Believe it or not, I’m in that world – haha! Peace!


Sony Pictures are really great in making movies. No don’t worry they are not paying me to say this, but I like the way they produced movies especially with fun and lots of humor. But then again, it’s not all about the producers, it’s all about the directors – right? *wink *wink. What’s your movie date this Valentines day by the way?

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Day 26 – The 365 Days Project

DAY 26

Here comes the reason to clear my way of sight :)

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Media System

I was drooling over again Pottery Barn’s Designs and I was looking at this TV Media Set up and I said to myself, I’ll take note of it and will ask Hubby if we could copy the same thing for our future address, Insha Allah! I could put like 4 sets of B&W photo frames on top of the TV. Our plasma TV is just the same size as this one so it’ll surely fit.














I love black wood as well. It very classic and elegant. It looks more vintage rather than having a beige color tone set up, don’t you think?

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Day 25 – The 365 Days Project

DAY 25

Valentines just around the corner. These roses are such adorable.

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Day 24 – The 365 Days Project

DAY 24Just random wonders of street flowers of Doha.

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Day 23 – The 365 Days Project

And this is the trademark of Doha. The Pearl of Qatar.DAY 23

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day 22 – The 365 Days Project

Good morning Doha!

DAY 22

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New Eyeglasses

This was mine for a day only. The next day I had to return it because I felt that it’s too big for my face.



I have astigmatism. I started wearing eyeglasses I think year 2005. That time my vision was only –25 left and right. So the ophthalmologist said that there’s no need to wear eyeglasses since the vision can be cured by avoiding washing my face in the evening or after a long stress at work. But I cannot. I have to since my migraine is killing me! Then I stopped wearing my eyeglasses year end of 2008. Because I got pregnant and it made me feel like dizzy from time to time. So to avoid taking medications, I decided not to wear my eyeglasses. Alhamdulillah everything got normal after that.

But recently, I felt like as time passes by, my eyesight is not the same as before. I’m looking at people far away like I can’t see them anymore. I need to half close my eyes and focus on their faces just to know if they’re looking back at me or what. So I decided to visit the ophthalmologist last week.

A month ago, I had my eye checked up. –75/-50 was the result of the test. According to the ophthalmologist, my eyes are stressed out and sitting in front of the PC  for more than 8 hours made a big effect on it.

But the weird thing about it was that last week when I had my eye checked up the test was –75 for both eyes. That’s how big radiation does on the eyes that in a matter of month, my eyes got blurrier than before?! Wow! That’s really unbelievable.

Well anyway, I’ll be receiving my new eyewear later this afternoon. Let’s not abused our gentle eyes friend.

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Day 21 – The 365 Days project

Today is Friday.

I’m off from work. This is my little one’s powder milk container that my Mom and I bought during our vacation in the Philippines. “Tender Luv” – and that’s all it is.DAY 21

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Day 20 – The 365 Days Project

Just came home from the Songbird and the Songwriter concert. Twas a windy day tonight. The wind was hard and we thought that it’ll rain for some time. But destiny was with us. We made it thru the concert till the end of it. The gate was open at exactly 5:00pm. The concert was scheduled to start by 8:00pm but we were excited to be at first in the row. The tickets are in general so first come first seats taken rules. The concert was held in Qatar Sports Club. We didn’t expect that they will not place up seats in the middle of the field, so even if we were early the stadium was not that full since everyone was in the middle and trying to hard to get close to the stage itself. But security was strict Alhamdulillah that they threaten to stop the show if the audience gets close to the stage. “Disciplined!” requested by one of the coordinators of the show.

I wasn’t able to take good photos since the stage was far from our place. We decided to stay behind the sitting area rather than jostling with one another just to see the performers up close. But thank God for ate Jelly’s husband, kuya Rouel that he was able to manually set my DSLR. I got a few good shots after all.

DAY 20

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day 19 – The 365 Days Project

DAY 19First week for the 2nd month of the year… sweetness!

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Day 18 – The 365 Days Project

Last day of work for the week. Sigh… finally!!!

This is me after a 12hours / day shift 4 days straight shift.

DAY 18

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Day 17 – The 365 Days Project

The little one’s not feeling well today. I posted an update on her on my other blog. I remember one of the photo holder that one of her God mother gave me on my baby shower a year ago. I suddenly feel sad because I realized that time is really running fast and there’s no Pause or Rewind and I have to face the fact that my baby’s really growing up so fast. One of her upper tooth is coming out and that’s one of the major reasons why she’s irritated from time to time. She keeps on biting up things. I hope that she’ll be fine in the next couple of days so that hubby and I will see a lively smile like this lovely one on the photo.

DAY 17

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