One of the quiet days of the week is Friday.

For some people who’s here in the Middle East, Friday is one of the good days. People working in a private company usually have their offs fall on a Friday and Saturday. Government companies have 2 1/2 days off. Thursday is a half day, then off until Saturday. The streets are jammed in traffic starting 5 o’clock in the afternoon up until 9 o’clock in the evening. Not your luck if the traffic lasts up to 10.

Been here in Qatar for 4 years now and Fridays are the not-so-exciting-day for me. Why?

Hubby and I usually go out on a Wednesday night. Thursdays are a cleaning day for us, or if something came up, we go bowling with friends or dine in one of the restaurants along Al Saad street of Doha. While on a Friday, Hubby needs to wake up early to pray in the mosque.

On Fridays, the Muslims perform Prayers in congregation, the Juma Prayer. A Khutba or sermon precedes this prayer. It consists of two Rakah during which the Imam recites Sura Fatiha and then follows up with another verse. This prayer replaces the noon prayer and it is obligatory for all Muslims to attend the Friday prayers. All mosques hold the Juma prayers each Friday.

~ source here

Hubby spent his day in front of his laptop. Me on the other hand browsed all day on the blogosphere following others, leaving comments, updating links on this site. Not to forget FB-ing from time to time.

Our little one’s was bored as well. She walked around the house, here to there and ate two biscuits in between her play time. She cried, she slept and she bumped her face on the table – not a new one for us, LOL! But never the less, I’m still blessed for today was a meaningful day for me and my husband. Since we were all together in one roof.

Quiet like surreal. Hope you had a blessed Friday everyone!

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