Shoppaholic People

I'm working in sales. We're dealing with different customers everyday. Meeting and greeting them like you've met them even before you get to know them. Last night, during our every day shift, I met 3 types of people out of all the hundreds of them.

#1 Typical walk in customer - a local who will ask for something he needs and will just buy it direct without any questions what so ever. Meaning, just a click and that's it. A close sale.

#2 Question and Answer walk in customer - a buyer who will ask you hundreds of questions about a certain product and will ask you everything in it, what's it about, bla bla bla... and bad thing about it is in the end he didn't buy anything! Now that's a pain, you know what I mean, LOL! We usually identify these types of people who came from an Arab country and Asian countries.

And lastly...

#3 The "I-Know-All" walk in customer - a customer who thinks he knows more than the sale staff. Who thinks himself smart and a customer who feels like he out run the sales for knowing too much of the product he or she is selling. These types of customer can be identied as the Principal director of a school, LOL!!! Just kidding. These types can be anyone.

So, which among do you think is better among the three shoppers? For me, I love #1. An easy sale!

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