Project 365 On Apple Store

I just downloaded the application last night on my phone. Aside from doing it officially via Mommytography 365 Project!, it’s good to know that I have a collection over my phone as well. It’s hard to bring your DSLR every now and then you know, especially since most of the times I’m out of the house. Thanks to ate Litzie and her sister. Just type in “Project 365” on search and download the apps for free.

I have like 6 or 10 days I think left blank since, I don’t have a specific picture for that day.

The bad thing though is that I can’t post it directly as it is on my blog. I have the option though of posting the photo in Facebook and Twitter.

Anyway, I even asked my colleague to download it on his phone. He loves taking photos as well on his blackberry. He’s a phone-addict (that’s what I call him).

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