Pregnancy Portraits

A friend of mine is told us a good news yesterday. She’s on her 5th month, pregnant for a baby girl. She bought things for her babies already at Mamas & Papas in Villaggio. She said that it’s all company paid, from the beddings to diaper station – a big luck for her.

She then asked me for a big favor…

A favor that changed my points of view in photography as early as now…

To take her Pregnancy Portraits on her 8th month. Whoah!!! I’m anxious, nervous and tucked like a caterpillar right now. I have like 3 months to prepare for the big shoot. I’m exploring ideas on how to make the shoot perfect. I don’t have all the necessary gadgets as a photographer, but I’m happy that she believes in my ability to make her portraits look good.

Insha Allah by God’s will, everything will turn out okay. Please pray for me, haha!

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