Big Three-0!

This morning, when I was laying down on my bed, my mind was wandering thoughts or day dreaming. Then I came across a notification on my phone saying some persons and friends who are in celebration of their birthdays. After leaving comments on their FB accounts, I started to scroll down the lists. I found out that most of my batchmates are still on their 20's. That was the time when I realized that oh dear, I'm not getting young. What do I have for the past 29 years of life? Have I proven something already?

There's this one person on my list. She got married I think 4 or 5 yrs ago to her long time boy friend. She's turning 32 this year. Her marriage life is happy as ever, but for some reasons, they still dont have a little one of their own. So as I glance over my life, I was thinking that I'm still blessed for having our bundle of joy. Haven't had any major roles in my career, but I have the best unpaid job in the world being a MOM.

For some, 30 is a big deal. For me, it's just a start of a new challenge. A new chapter and maturity rules! Probably because you will not be thinking left and right, you have to think straight in all your decisions.

Ce la' viet! Treasure it! Love it!

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