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Day 16 – The 365 Days Project (On Mobile)

DAY 16

This morning, we had our training about one of Qtel’s new Shahry Product – also known as GSM Postpaid SIM Package, which is called Shahry Control. So Hubby and I went early and pass along the Corniche. Corniche is the waterfront extending for several kilometers along Doha Bay in the capital city of Doha. Everyday I feel like it’s a new road. There’s a new building that will come up a month after a month after a month. It’s been a while since our last stroll in the morning along Corniche and I was so surprised when I saw one of the newest buildings. It’s called “The Tornado Tower”. It’s so amazing on how they built and design this one. As we stroll along the road, I felt like I’m a tourist passing by – as if it’s my first. Doha really is a growing city and I’m proud to be part of it as it grows.

Here’s another mobile shot of the Tornado Tower.

Corniche_Doha Tornado_Tower

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Day 15 – The 365 Days Project

The Apple iPad was introduced lately which combined all the wonderful ideas of Apple Mac Designers. Suddenly I feel blessed to have my own iPhone 3Gs. Thank you ya Allah for providing our needs.DAY 15

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Day 14 – The 365 Days Project

DAY 14Speaking of books, I remember buying this like a month before we went for a vacation last year to Lebanon. I said to myself that I have to read something during some times when there’s nothing else to do at home, but unfortunately due to business and thinking of other things, I forgot to pack the book. Nice try being organized and all.

Believe it or not, I haven’t read the book! I don’t have the time right now to read it. I hope and wish but there’s a lot of things that needs to be prioritized right now, as in this moment. Probably next month or so Insha Allah, I’ll find myself sitting again quietly reading.

The funny thing though was that I’ve seen the movie by chance on the flight going back here in Doha from Damascus. Hubby was asking something about the movie because the audio was set to French, so I checked then he told me that the movie is great and that I should watch it with him and that it just started. When I checked the guide it says “The Time Traveler’s Wife” hmmm… good! At least I had and idea on how the book ends. Lucky me that time, Julia just slept on my lap so I got to concentrate on the movie as well. I give it 3/5 stars only. I find it sweet but I don’t like the ending of it. I guess that’s one of the reasons why I’m not kindled enough to read the book.

Now it all make sense, I just realized that it’s not because of time but because of the reason, hehe!

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Day 13 – The 365 Days Project

I mentioned in my other blog about the countdown for Eclipse. Well, it’s exactly  as we speak 152 days to go before the next Twilight Saga. I can’t wait and I promise myself to read the book again by May or first week of June so that I’ll be ready for the movie. Ugh! I can’t wait!

DAY 13

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command & Conquer, Generals!

Just and advice to all wives out there whose husbands are addicted with this game, if you find yourself watching TV alone or enjoying a cup of tea in the salon alone, while your husband is focused on the PC because of this PC game, well here’s the thing… if you can’t let them stop playing, join them!

Hubby thought me to play this game 2 years ago. Yes, I know it’s a man thing. But I don’t have any choice! I have to learn the game other wise we’ll end doing other things again on a week end.


So while the little one’s cluttering her way to our room back and forth, me and Hubby are focused on our game. Our aim is to win against Hard Enemies either China or GLA. Sounds weird noh? but I’d rather see my husband enjoying his time with me playing this game.

Gotta go for now, need to baby sit the little one. It’s Wednesday night as I’ve said, Hubby’s out after playing a game of Generals. No, not to play out with Generals but to play PS3’s FIFA with his friends.

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day 12 – The 365 Days Project

It’s a sweet day today. Last week, Hubby bought me chocolates. He made me feel always special.

Thank you Sweety for being so sweet to me!

DAY 12

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Day 11 – The 365 Days Project (On Mobile)

Finally! Last day of work for the week. Need to cope up with a lot of things. While I was counting the sales, I shoot this photo using my mobile cam.

It was the most tiring day of the week. Tuesdays are not supposed to be that tiring but stocks arrived early than expected, customers suddenly came from I don’t know where, it’s like I was doing double shift in an hour. Sigh! I’m happy that tomorrow’s a day of sleep! I’m planning to wake up late! The little one needs a long good sleep as well.

DAY 11

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day 10 – The 365 Days Project (On Mobile)

The best things in life, are FREE :)

Thanks to my colleague for treating a cup of Haagen-Dazs delicacies.

DAY 10

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Shoppaholic People

I'm working in sales. We're dealing with different customers everyday. Meeting and greeting them like you've met them even before you get to know them. Last night, during our every day shift, I met 3 types of people out of all the hundreds of them.

#1 Typical walk in customer - a local who will ask for something he needs and will just buy it direct without any questions what so ever. Meaning, just a click and that's it. A close sale.

#2 Question and Answer walk in customer - a buyer who will ask you hundreds of questions about a certain product and will ask you everything in it, what's it about, bla bla bla... and bad thing about it is in the end he didn't buy anything! Now that's a pain, you know what I mean, LOL! We usually identify these types of people who came from an Arab country and Asian countries.

And lastly...

#3 The "I-Know-All" walk in customer - a customer who thinks he knows more than the sale staff. Who thinks himself smart and a customer who feels like he out run the sales for knowing too much of the product he or she is selling. These types of customer can be identied as the Principal director of a school, LOL!!! Just kidding. These types can be anyone.

So, which among do you think is better among the three shoppers? For me, I love #1. An easy sale!

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day 9 – The 365 Days Project

DAY 9I was lying on my back looking at our ceiling. Thinking of how my day ended today. When I noticed that one of our light bulbs is busted. Then I remember the reason why we went out the other night. Hubby bought replacements for one of the 3 light bulbs in our room, but during the time when he was trying to fixed it, something crazy happened – he broke the bulb during the process. LOL! So our room has a low light right now. Made me think of taking a shot, bokeh style. Not bad at all for a first bokeh shot. I never imagined that the blur effect will be like this. Lucky me!

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day 8 – The 365 Days Project

We can say that it’s still winter here in Doha right now, but there are nights that you still feel warm wind. Me and Hubby passed by Baskin Robbins in a nearby gas station and bought ourselves this delicious Banana split with Vanilla, Cookies and Cream and Dark Chocolate scoops of ice creamed flavor. Yummy!


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Project 365 On Apple Store

I just downloaded the application last night on my phone. Aside from doing it officially via Mommytography 365 Project!, it’s good to know that I have a collection over my phone as well. It’s hard to bring your DSLR every now and then you know, especially since most of the times I’m out of the house. Thanks to ate Litzie and her sister. Just type in “Project 365” on search and download the apps for free.

I have like 6 or 10 days I think left blank since, I don’t have a specific picture for that day.

The bad thing though is that I can’t post it directly as it is on my blog. I have the option though of posting the photo in Facebook and Twitter.

Anyway, I even asked my colleague to download it on his phone. He loves taking photos as well on his blackberry. He’s a phone-addict (that’s what I call him).

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day 7 – The 365 Days Project

An early gift for Julia’s 2nd birthday, LOL!

Now we need to find the suitcase for it. It’s a gift from dear friend Flora ~ mommy to be, from Mamas & Papas. It’s paired with Julia’s first Passport Holder which of course I forgot to take a shot of it, LOL! I find the puppy so cute and adorable on this picture.


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One of hubby’s favorite is Béchamel with white sauce. This afternoon, I prepared a little something for him. It was my second time to prepare this meal for him. The first was a success, but today I forgot to cooked the chicken with knorr cubes for taste, hehe! In the end Hubby just showered salt on it LOL! Sorry Sweety :D

Bechamel is originally with just pasta and white sauce but Hubby wants a little twist to it, so we added chicken sauté with garlic and onion and topped it all up with cheese.

MIL is cooking it the original way, like mixing the sauce with the original recipes. But for me, I do the short-cut-way. Hubby’s saying it as “the lazy way” LOL!

Thanks to the ready mix KNORR BECHAMEL SAUCE, it made my cooking life easier.

Chopped garlic and onion and pre-cooked chicken cut into strips + your pre-cooked elbow pasta.

And here’s the result, tada!

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day 7 – The 365 Days project

Yesterday we visited a good friend who surprised us by saying that she’s finally pregnant! Inside their house, they have this cute fortune plant. Of course I need to take a photo of it and will definitely buy one. Our house is in need of greenery!


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Pregnancy Portraits

A friend of mine is told us a good news yesterday. She’s on her 5th month, pregnant for a baby girl. She bought things for her babies already at Mamas & Papas in Villaggio. She said that it’s all company paid, from the beddings to diaper station – a big luck for her.

She then asked me for a big favor…

A favor that changed my points of view in photography as early as now…

To take her Pregnancy Portraits on her 8th month. Whoah!!! I’m anxious, nervous and tucked like a caterpillar right now. I have like 3 months to prepare for the big shoot. I’m exploring ideas on how to make the shoot perfect. I don’t have all the necessary gadgets as a photographer, but I’m happy that she believes in my ability to make her portraits look good.

Insha Allah by God’s will, everything will turn out okay. Please pray for me, haha!

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Day 6 – The 365 Days Project

The long wait is over. It’s finally here! My first ever signature Coach bag arrived yesterday. I ordered it online thru Ms Faye who was so generous enough to provide all the queries I asked before purchasing the item. You can check out more of her stuff here.


You can find the whole story here.

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Day 5 – The 365 Days Project

Finally got to choose what to have for today’s entry. I was looking over the dresser and found that I’ve got DAY 5so many accessories that I’ve realized that I haven’t used most of them.

My favorite is the Owl. It reminds of Edward and Bella. No relation what so ever, it just remind me of a full moon, night, cool breeze or something in between, LOL!

There’s one given to me by friend Jenny and 2 of them from close friend old pal buddy Mojo.

I don’t wear gold as in real gold big long bold accessories, it doesn’t suit my personality, haha! I’m a hippy person who wears faded jeans and a loose blouse. Conservative type – that’s what I am.

If there’s a sale in BHs or in Aldo, I buy a pair or 3. But during normal days, it’s a big no no.

I’d rather spend a bucks for the little one’s milk and diapers.


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day 4 – The 365 Days Project

DAY 4My entry for tonight is this simple bush that I saw along one of the famous places here in Qatar which is called “The Pearl”.

It reminds me of my header “Life in the Big Tree”.

Today’s a good day. Not too much concern with work so we were able to drop by The Pearl with friends just to make a quick chat.

It’s Monday and tomorrow is my last day for work. I’ll be able to blog and rant some just to update my other blog.

By the way, I thank you for all the people so far who left comments for the last 3 days of this project. I’m very overwhelm of your message. Short but sweet!

I’ll get back to you soon I promise! I’ll link you up as well.

For now, goodnight ‘ya all!

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day 3 – The 365 Days Project

DAY 3I’m a bit in a hurry right now. But I need to update my project. Don’t want to miss a thing. Here’s Julia in a hurry as well to drink her milk before sleeping, LOL!

I have work tomorrow and I don’t have time to update more – even if I wanted to. I can only update during my day off. Sigh!

Want to update as well my other blog but it’s really hard to keep up with two blogs especially if you have a toddler as naughty like Julia.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Be back tomorrow for my entry again. Night everyone! Night world!

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Day 2 – The 365 Days Project

DAY 2My God son Rubix turned 2 years old last weekend but he just celebrated his special day over the weekends. This was our first party for the new year.

Julia had fun picking up straws as one of the games, unfortunately she’s not that good in picking it up in a fast phase since her tiny hards are still small to grab a lot. Her rivals straw counts reached up to 20+ while she only had I think 4 and I picked up 2 for her equaling to 6. Not bad for a starter LOL! And that’s the time that she started to feel comfortable with the surroundings that she didn’t stopped picking straws and putting it all in her mouth. Toddlers! Their imaginations are so fascinating really.

So this is the desserts. A plate of Chocolate brownies, caramel and another cake on the side. So yummy!

Day 2 for the 365 days projects is going well. Hmmm… not bad… not bad at all.

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Day 1 – The 365 Days Project

DAY 1Wish me luck as I challenge myself to finish up this project. I can’t wait to see the result after a year. My Photo a day before didn’t worked out. Insha Allah this time, I can achieve something different.

Julia’s the best subject for the first day. It’s another way of collating photos of her as she grows older.

Look at those cute teeth! Such a lovely smile!

This was taken when we were about to say our goodnights. Goofing around is what she wants us to do before tucking her up in bed.

“I love you Julia! More and more everyday!” ~love, Mama and Papa

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One of the quiet days of the week is Friday.

For some people who’s here in the Middle East, Friday is one of the good days. People working in a private company usually have their offs fall on a Friday and Saturday. Government companies have 2 1/2 days off. Thursday is a half day, then off until Saturday. The streets are jammed in traffic starting 5 o’clock in the afternoon up until 9 o’clock in the evening. Not your luck if the traffic lasts up to 10.

Been here in Qatar for 4 years now and Fridays are the not-so-exciting-day for me. Why?

Hubby and I usually go out on a Wednesday night. Thursdays are a cleaning day for us, or if something came up, we go bowling with friends or dine in one of the restaurants along Al Saad street of Doha. While on a Friday, Hubby needs to wake up early to pray in the mosque.

On Fridays, the Muslims perform Prayers in congregation, the Juma Prayer. A Khutba or sermon precedes this prayer. It consists of two Rakah during which the Imam recites Sura Fatiha and then follows up with another verse. This prayer replaces the noon prayer and it is obligatory for all Muslims to attend the Friday prayers. All mosques hold the Juma prayers each Friday.

~ source here

Hubby spent his day in front of his laptop. Me on the other hand browsed all day on the blogosphere following others, leaving comments, updating links on this site. Not to forget FB-ing from time to time.

Our little one’s was bored as well. She walked around the house, here to there and ate two biscuits in between her play time. She cried, she slept and she bumped her face on the table – not a new one for us, LOL! But never the less, I’m still blessed for today was a meaningful day for me and my husband. Since we were all together in one roof.

Quiet like surreal. Hope you had a blessed Friday everyone!

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Valentine Concert.

Filipino artist/singers Regine Velasquez and Oggie Alcasid will held a concert here in Doha next month. Exact date is on 4th of February 2010. I asked Hubby if he can baby sit on our little one since the concert will fall on a Friday night. He’s still in the process of approving my request though. Hmmm… I guess I need to put sweets on the pudding *wink wink.

A5 Size-OL

I love Regine’s songs and Oggie’s humor is extravagent. I love their tandem and the way they opened up with their personal life. Well, who are we to judge them? We’re just humans.

I’ll be tagging along a friend to see the concert. Might as well take with me Niknok’s 70-200mm lens for good zoom noh?

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Big Three-0!

This morning, when I was laying down on my bed, my mind was wandering thoughts or day dreaming. Then I came across a notification on my phone saying some persons and friends who are in celebration of their birthdays. After leaving comments on their FB accounts, I started to scroll down the lists. I found out that most of my batchmates are still on their 20's. That was the time when I realized that oh dear, I'm not getting young. What do I have for the past 29 years of life? Have I proven something already?

There's this one person on my list. She got married I think 4 or 5 yrs ago to her long time boy friend. She's turning 32 this year. Her marriage life is happy as ever, but for some reasons, they still dont have a little one of their own. So as I glance over my life, I was thinking that I'm still blessed for having our bundle of joy. Haven't had any major roles in my career, but I have the best unpaid job in the world being a MOM.

For some, 30 is a big deal. For me, it's just a start of a new challenge. A new chapter and maturity rules! Probably because you will not be thinking left and right, you have to think straight in all your decisions.

Ce la' viet! Treasure it! Love it!

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Welcome to my new abode.

Hi everyone!

Help me start a new beginning for 2010. I created this blog to share with you more of what I have and on daily basis like writing special things for special occasion and more over to share with you some incites on how beautiful Doha is.


The title “Life in the Big Tree” was chosen by hubby. I was thinking on how to create a new site. At first I was of a photo blog. I wanted to try the 365 days Photo Blog thing that most of the bloggers do but I said to myself “Nahh! I’m sure I’ll be to lazy to upload photos from my cam..” . So after a long google-ing and a little discussion with the husband, I decided to just create another personal diary but here I’m planning (Insha Allah God willing) to share with you my life as a Mom whose living in Doha Qatar.

Doha (Arabic: الدوحة‎, ad-Dawḥa or ad-Dōḥa) (literally: "the big tree") is the capital city of the state of Qatar. Located on the Persian Gulf, it had a population of 998,651 in 2008,[2], and is also one of the municipalities of Qatar. Doha is Qatar's largest city, with over 80% of the nation's population residing in Doha or its surrounding suburbs, and is also the economic center of the country.

~source: Wikipedia

I don’t know how long I will be able to cope up with this, but I’m hoping that by the end of 2010, I have at least shared with you some wonderful and exciting stories.

This is my baby saying with a big dazzling eyes to you blogosphere.

Ahlan Wasahlan! Welcome Readers!

Julia's Crop

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